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Think all wines taste the same? Well, that’s not true at all. Pairing good food with good wine is important, but sometimes difficult. Enter the “perfect pair” authorities at Harney’s Wine & Liquors. At Harney’s, we specialize in helping you find the perfect wine every time, with over 850 domestic, international and boutique wines. We also have an ever-expanding craft beer selection, and a great selection of imported, hand-rolled and premium cigars. Stop by for weekend wine tastings and craft beer tastings on Fridays, too!

For cigar aficionados, we carry a large selection of imported, hand-rolled and premium cigars in our humidor where optimal humidity and temperature are monitored daily.

The Wine Guy’s Blog 
Be sure to check out Harney’s Winepress, the blog of Ed, The Wine Guy (linked below). Ed gives his personal take on wines that we carry. You just may find your new favorite!

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The Wine Guy’s Blog