Marinated Goat Cheese with Effie’s Homemade Corn Biscuits

 4 oz. log fresh goat cheese (chevre)

1 c. extra virgin olive oil

2 star anise

1 t. whole peppercorns

1/8 t. smoky paprika

4- 1 inch zest of orange peel

1 T. fresh thyme leaves

Clean 8 oz. Mason jar

½ pkg. Effie’s Corn Biscuits


Working with a cold goat cheese log cut the cheese into 4 even 1 oz portions. Gently mold the cheese into round balls making sure it will fit in the opening of the jar.

Pour a ¼ c. of olive oil into the bottom of the glass container. Place 2 cheese balls in the jar and add half of the herbs and spices. Add the remaining cheese balls and the balance of the aromatics. Be sure the cheese is covered with olive oil and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving. This will hold for one week in your refrigerator.

Serve the marinated cheese at room temperature and lather on the Corn Biscuits. Enjoy.