Cape Cod Fruit & Gift Baskets, Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Gift cards are so much fun to receive. They allow for people to get exactly what they want! From a lobster dinner or pizza for the family to specialty cheese, wine, dessert & so much more!! Purchase Ring Bros. Marketplace gift cards online and have them mailed directly to you or your recipient. Our gift cards are valid at any of our stores. Click the link below to choose your desired denominations. Let us know & we can include a special note.

Cape Cod Gourmet Fruit & Gift Basket Delivery or Curbside Pickup

Perfect for any occasion, a Ring Bros. Marketplace fruit & gift basket is the best you'll find on Cape Cod! Each fruit & gift basket is made to order using only the freshest fruits (apples. oranges, pears, grapes, pineapples), gourmet cheese and crackers, jams, jellies, chocolates & specialty foods. Wine is also available. Look for a printable PDF brochure at the bottom of the page. ALL basket orders MUST be placed online. If you are in need of a basket the SAME DAY, you must place your order in person but we cannot guarantee fulfillment of a same day request during the holidays.

Orchard Basket


12 pieces of fresh fruit, gourmet mixed nuts, topped with a bountiful bunch of seedless grapes.



Festival Basket


16 pieces of fresh fruit, grapes, dipping pretzels with a savory dipping mustard, and locally grown chocolate covered cranberries.



Harvest Basket


15 pieces of fresh fruit, grapes, water crackers, New England cheddar cheese, salted roasted pistachios, and milk chocolate-covered blueberries.



Simply Fruit Basket


24 pieces of fresh fruit, bananas along with handfuls of red and green seedless grapes. This basket brings us back to our roots and is simply delicious!



Celebration Basket


18 pieces of fresh fruit, grapes, bruschetta toast with olive tapenade, tasty dip mix, fruit jam, gourmet mixed nuts, chocolate covered cranberries, and delicious cookies.



Cape Cod Basket


Native cranberries, Cape Cod potato chips, Cape Cod grown chocolate covered cranberries, Nantucket fish seasoning, Nantucket sea salt with herbs and spices, local sugared cranberry walnuts, New England clam chowder, seafood cocktail sauce, Cape Cod Riverway Dressing, Cape Cod cranberry taffy, and gummy lobsters.



Sympathy Basket


Water crackers and New England cheddar cheese, coffee from Wellfleet, award-winning tea, famous cookies, gourmet mixed nuts, Virginia peanuts, and fancy dried fruit.



Caregivers Basket


8 pieces of fresh fruit, grapes, water crackers, and New England cheddar cheese, delicious cookies, fancy dried fruit, gourmet mixed nuts, crunchy edamame snack, bruschetta toast, locally grown chocolate covered cranberries, crispy tortilla chips, and Virginia peanuts.



Wine Basket


A nice bottle of red and white wine, 3 fresh apples, grapes, water crackers, Vermont sharp cheddar cheese, gourmet mixed nuts, stuffed olives, and key lime truffles, presented in a keepsake wine basket.



Signature Basket


14 pieces of fruit, grapes, pineapple, water crackers & New England cheddar cheese, jam, cookies, Cape Cod salad dressing, local marinara with imported pasta, BBQ sauce, meat/fish seasoning, Virginia peanuts, and Ring Bros. salsa.



Deluxe Basket


24 pieces of fresh fruit, grapes, golden pineapple, water crackers and New England cheddar cheese, fancy jam, delicious cookies, Cape Cod salad dressing, marinara from the Berkshires with imported pasta, barbeque sauce, seasoning for meat or fish, Virginia peanuts, Ring Bros. salsa, seasoned bread dipping olive oil, bruschetta toast with roasted garlic onion jam, a gourmet soup mix, milk chocolate-covered cherries, and a tasty dip mix, all presented in a beautiful stained basket.