Cilantro Pesto

I ran across this recipe from Genius Kitchen while looking for something different to serve alongside our weekly nachos. My kids always love my fresh made salsa (I’ll save that for another time)…but I was looking for something new to jazz it up last night. Anything cilantro sounds like a good idea when serving Mexican-style food but the word pesto threw me off for a minute. But I was intrigued…and after reading the list of ingredients, I thought why not. And then after ready the 2-step instructions, I was all in!

I was excited that it was made with almonds. I enjoyed some dairy-free almond cheeses and yogurts lately so this was right up my alley. Plus, almonds are sooooo good for you, so it’s a kinda sneaky way to get some added goodness in our dinner.

Look at how few ingredients for something that packs such a flavor punch! (Oops…pic is missing the salt.)

As the recipe says, blend the cilantro, almonds & garlic. Once you have blended it to a smooth consistency, add the oil, Parmesan and salt. Blend again. That’s it!

It was a nice addition to my nachos. I didn’t use a lot because it is so flavorful and I had salsa as well. I think with a little extra oil (whatever your preference is), I would love to add it to some pasta, with or without chicken. Or it would make a nice spread in a quesadilla! I had a lot of extra so I’ll be experimenting over the next few days. Enjoy!