Making Cioppino “Seafood” Stew

This recipe truly NEVER disappoints! It was given to us by a customer of Chatham Fish & Lobster last fall and it has become a staple on many employee dinner tables. If you haven’t already tried it, now is the time! It’s takes the best of the Cape (fresh seafood) and so little time to prepare.

Recipe Sheet #4 August

Look at those ingredients…like I said, easy! If you don’t already have it on hand, you can find it here at the Marketplace. The recipe calls for striped bass but any firm white fish will do. This time Joan used halibut.

Step 1: Saute your onion, garlic, jalapeno, salt & pepper in olive oil until tender. This is honestly one of the best smells a kitchen can have.

After you add your wine and cook for a few more minutes, add the tomatoes, bay leaf & red pepper flakes.

After it simmers for 10 minutes, just add the seafood and in just 5 more minutes, it’s done!

Don’t forget the crusty bread for dipping! Or, if you want it to go farther…ladle it on top of some pasta.

Delish! Let us know what you think…(as if we can’t already guess)!