Making Lemon Marscarpone Pasta

Hi Folks…

As many of you may know, we like to share the tried and true recipes of our vendors. Each month we put together a new sheet with a few recipes that are always pretty simple and feature products that we sell. You’ll find these recipes in the foyer, on our website and in your email inbox (if you are signed up to receive our emails).

But today we’re taking it one step further. Joan, our General Manager, was anxious to make this pasta dish and so I put her to work, taking pictures and telling us all about it.

She first gathered all the ingredients here at the store, even the bucatini pasta…something I wasn’t familiar with. It’s a heavier pasta, so if you’re looking for something lighter, she said angel hair would do just a nicely.

The recipe itself was so easy! She made the sauce in the time that it took for the pasta to cook.

In fact, what took the most time was that she used fresh peas. Next time she said she would either use the whole fresh pea pods or just use frozen. Once the peas were mixed in, she topped it with some parm & pine nuts. Voila! If you want more of a main course, Joan said scallops or shrimp would be a delicious addition!

Looks delicious! If you happen to make it, let us know how it comes out!